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Pointe Shoes

"Soprano" 101C

"Soprano" 101C

Soprano 101S

Soprano 101S

111 Futura

111 Futura

202 Recital

202 Recital

202C Recital

303C Partenaire

303 Partenaire

404 Lyrica

505, 506 Etudes

505T Etudes

603 Ovation

606 Ovation

802 DP soft toe UK

801 DP soft toe USA

808 Premier

909 Legende Satin

D101 Debutante





Canvas & Jazz Shoes

JB3 by Sansha

JB3 by Sansha

JS3 by Sansha

JS3  by Sansha

"Bondi" JS5, JS6

"Tivoli" JS3

"Charlotte" JS21

"Moderno" JS31

"Speed" JS36

"Speed" JS36

"Cabaret" JS41

"Cabaret" JS43

"Brooklyn" JS55

"Moderno" JS33, JS32

"Tivoli" JS1

"Touch" V51L,V5,V51Lpi

"Split-Touch" V71L

S33M “Blitz-3” Dance Sneaker


Teacher Shoes

"Diva" TE1

"Diva" TE4

"Prima" TE2

"Prima" TE5

"Magnifica" TE3

"Magnifica" TE6


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