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Move It at Home: Ballet Conditioning by Element

If you are looking to move it at home, but can't stomach another loud, in your face, overly busy workout DVD, I suggest you try Ballet Conditioning produced by Element.

Shot in a lovely garden overlooking the ocean don't let the serene environment fool you because this workout will make your legs burn. It is what I would have called in my dance days a quad gripper. The fronts of my thighs got a serious workout. The video runs just a little under an hour and the workout is more like a very rudimentary ballet class than an aerobics class. It is structured like a technique class with bar work (using a chair), and center work where you are forced to balance on your own (good for your core), a jumping section (petite allegro for all the bun heads out there), some very dancey ab work, and finally some stretching.

The movements are all reasonably easy to do. Someone who has never danced might find it a little challenging on the first go around but would definitely pick up the graceful moves on the second or third go round. This is not the best workout for a day after a long run; I learned that the hard way. The workout is very leg intensive from the big toe all the way to the upper thighs and booty.


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