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“Speed Factor” Dance Sneaker

S0580Lx by Bloch®


Bloch®'s "Speed Factor" split-sole dance sneaker is constructed with a breathable mesh/synthetic upper with suede vamp and a PU non marking outsole. This sneaker features an elastic Velcro attachment that allows the dancer to quickly customize the fit of the shoe. The suede toe offers added comfort and the spin spot helps reduce friction.
The S0580L "Speed Factor" is a low profile dance sneaker designed for but not limited to dance disciplines such as Jazz and Urban born street styles such as Funk, Hip Hop and Tribal forms. Its sleek form and clean lines make it equally at home or on the street.


  • Elastic Velcro attachment This attachment system is new to the dance sneaker market and allows the dancer to customize the fit of the shoe in the shortest possible time. The placement of the attachment on the outside of the foot is to minimize interference as this area is less likely to come into contact with the body or floor during movement. The stretch properties of the elastic allow the dancer to bend and shape their foot accordingly without losing the support of the shoe when it fits tight against the muscle.

  • Upper Design Specifics The upper has been designed to help with the ideal aesthetics required by a performer in the art of dance. Many moments in dance require the foot to be viewed as an extension of the leg and not a separate entity separated by the ankle joint. For the foot to complete the line of the leg unbroken, it must follow a certain path/angle that is viewed as appealing to the audience. This direction of the foot is called "pronation of the ankle" or more commonly referred to as "fishing the foot". The lines of the upper stitching, as well as material component locations, all contribute to the increased illusion of this ideal.

  • Suede Reinforcement Toe Pad The suede toe reinforcement is in a position on the upper that will experience maximum contact with the floor during dance movements, and subsequently maximum wear.

  • The Spin Spot The Spin Spot is located on the front outsole. It is a raised section of the PU material and its purpose it to reduce friction when performing turning movements.

  • Demipointe Flex Channels The "demipointe" is a position of the foot that the dancer will use again and again during any dance movement. It is also a position of the foot that is used during walking. The position can described as having the toes and metatarsal joints still in contact with the floor, with the heel and the rest of the foot off the floor. The introduction of flex channels across the front outsole and through the spin spot will reduce the amount of resistance in this area when the demipointe position is active.

  • PU Outsole The PU material has been used specifically for the outsole as it offers a compromise between "slip" and "grip" on common dance surfaces.

Suggested Fitting:
Women order same to 1/2 size larger

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